The Knight stumbles across Caleb, who seems to be a customer at the Restaurant. Caleb sends the Knight to eliminate some annoying Skalari.

Quest Progression:Edit

Caleb: "I have a prob... Um, hey... what are you doing here?"

Knight: "What is it that you need help with?"

Caleb: "I have decided to share my secret seasoning with you."

Knight: "Really? Okay, what's the catch?"

Caleb: "Nothing. I just don't like Khan. He's rude, mean, and he thinks he operates a flying ship called the "Bird of Prey" when he's not cooking. I'm still thinking about sharing the recipe, so while you wait, can you take care of those disgusting Country Onions?"

Knight: "Sure."

1. Eliminate Country Onion

Eliminate Country Onion

GOAL: Hunt Country Onion

2. Return to Caleb

Return to see Caleb.

GOAL: Find Caleb

Caleb: "Hmm, what was it I asked you to do before? Scrub the toilets?"

Knight: "Dude c'mon... You asked me to get rid of the Country Onions and I did."

Caleb: "Oh yeah, that's right. Great work!"

Knight: "Man, what a weird guy..."


  • 250 Mar
  • 571 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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