"The Headmaster's Errand" is one of the introductory quests for Dragon Knights and introduces them to the combat system as well as the masterminds manipulating the Skalari - the Dark Oracle Cult.

Quest ProgressionEdit

1. Find Student Guard Corey

Find Student Guard Corey. See what he has to say about the Skalari.

GOAL: Find Student Guard Corey

Corey: "Hello. I am in charge of the apprenticeship testing. Nice to meet you. Since you are here, that must mean that you can feel the marble energy."

Knight: "Yes, I passed the Rock investigation test."

Corey: "It's not just being able to feel the marble energy; it's how you use it that's important. There have been side effects of the Dark Oracles using the marble energy to open the gate of evil showing up around the school. Those Skalari in front are the proof. Eliminating those Skalari is one of the tests for apprenticeship. Use the attack abilities that you have to attack those Skalari and collect the Synergen Shard."

Knight: "OK. I got it."

2. Using the Attack Skill

You must learn the basics of battle in order to fight the Skalari.

Please use your Attack skill which can be found on your skill bar. You can press the number 1 on your keyboard as a shortcut.

This is the most basic way to attack and it will auto-target the closest nearby Skalari that is within attack range.

GOAL: Use the Attack skill on a Skalari. NB: You must use the Attack skill. Any other skill will obviously not count.

3. Gather Synergen Shard

Gather Synergen Shard from the Meep.

GOAL: Collect Synergen Shard (x5).

4. Give Synergen Shards to Student Guard Corey

Give Synergen Shards to Student Guard Corey.

GOAL: Find Student Guard Corey.

Corey: "Whoa! That was great. You passed the 1st part of the exam!"

--The Knight smiles lightly.--

Corey: "Why don't you go ahead and eliminate the rest of those Skalari?"

Knight: "OK, fine. (Geez, this is harder than I thought.)"


  • 120 Mar
  • 436 EXP
  • Speed Potion (D) x2 - increases movement speed by 10% for 600 seconds.
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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