System bugs crop

The Underground Office is the second dungeon that Knights will encounter when they are promoted to the next grade at level 30. It is located in your respective schools garbage and recycleing center in Fortville and Hillville. This promotion is available for players at and above level 30. It is only able to be completed once. You can complete it in a party if all members are eligible for the exam.

You are promoted to grade 3 upon defeating this cave's boss & speaking again with your schools headmaster.


Big Flame

Flame Ball

Boss: System Bug


Kill all Flame balls

Kill  all Big flames

Put out the fires

Find the problem with the system

Kill the system bug


1. Wait for all of your team mates to enter.

2. Kill everything

Solo: Defeat the mobs 1 at a time

Party: Pull mobs near eachother to maximize damage via splash damage

3.Put out the fires. To do this simply click on the flames and you will pull your handy dany fire extinguisher from the magical void of magic to put out the fires.

  • Players like taking pictures here.

4. Walk over to the system  at the end room of the hall and check out the fuzz coming from behind

5. Mobs will spawn - kill them

6. Once you have defeated the bug you will teleport out - go talk to headmaster

7. Profit

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