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Water Road Cave is the third dungeon that Knights will encounter when they are promoted to the next grade at level 40. It is located near your respective schools lake in Fortville and Hillville. This promotion is available for players at and above level 40. It is only able to be completed once. You can complete it in a party if all members are eligible for the exam.

You are promoted to grade 4 upon defeating this cave's boss & speaking again with your schools headmaster.

The Skalari are messing with the water control equipment and the engineers can't fight them off to fix the machines. Protect the Engineering Student and bring fresh water back to Fortville/HIllville.


Big Mud Stump

Mud Quake


The object of this quest is to protect an NPC while he goes about messing with junk throughout the cave.


1. Wait for all of your team mates to enter.

2. Kill everything

Try to pay attention to the mobs as they will attack the NPC if they can

Kill those mobs first - then worry about the others

Even if you can't kill them - attack them - so they come attack you insted of your NPC friend

3.NPC runns down the hall - you kill things

4. He messes with junk - junk spawns - you kill things

5. He runs down the cave - mobs spawn - you kill things

6. He runs into a big mysterious puddle - a lot of junk randomly and on a timer for the next 5 minutes spawn - you kill things

(Remember to attack the things attacking or closest to your NPC 1st)

6.5 Do not die

7. He thanks you

8. Go talk to headmaster

9. Profit

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