"What are Skills" is one of the introductory quests given to new Knights, and introduces them to the Skills and Hotkey feature.

Quest Procedure:Edit

1. Press 'K' to open the Skill window

Pressing the preset 'K' button opens up the Skill Window.

Learned or usable skills can be checked here. Once a character has been promoted to the 2nd grade and chooses a major, then more skill ladders will be added.

Usable skills in the Skill Window can be registered in the quickslot and used more conveniently.

GOAL: First, press K and open the Skill WIndow.

2. Place any Skill in a Quickslot

Left click again to place the skill icon on the slot.

Left click on a skill in the skill window, then move your cursor to an empty spot on your quickslot bar.

GOAL: Place any skillin a quickslot.


  • 100 Mar
  • 356 EXP
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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